Beware the Bear
The Infamous Ishy Bear

Ishy Bear was given to MotherHen aka Kadayn by her then teammate and good friend Ishindar. He is her weapon of choice ooc: in the Inn. He can be stuffed with anything from his original cotton stuffing to ball bearings, rocks, an anvil and her current favorite stuffing -- gummi bears. Most men run when they see Kadayn pull Ishy Bear from her basket because they know someone is about to get thwacked. All the Ishy Bear variations were designed by Ian aka Jackson.

Ishy Bear
Halloween Ishy Bear
New Year's Ishy Bear
Thanksgiving Ishy Bear
St. Patrick's Day Ishy Bear
Valentine's Ishy Bear
Uncle Ishy Bear
Christmas Ishy Bear
Sir Ishy
Official Flag of Sir Ishy Bear